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Consciously 21 by Saun-Jaye Brown

Consciously 21 was published 08/01/2017 and is a collection of 21 poems by author Saun-Jaye Brown, in celebration of her 21st birthday. She shares different perspectives on many topics including; being a black woman in today’s society, the over-sexualization, and objectification of women and fatherhood. The young poet also does not shy away from speaking up against the constant perpetuation of prejudice against different groups including the LGBTIQ community. Her book includes a personal dedication to her sister and her own struggle with self-acceptance, giving us a glimpse into her personal life.

ELMER’S ELEPHANT TALES by Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

This second edition of the children’s book by Sri Lanka author Rosanna Flamer-Caldera is the first in the series. Start your journey by joining Elmer and friends as they encounter and overcome trials on their search for food and rest through the jungle; from going head to head with the buffalo for water holes to jumping from rooftops. The characters and situations will make you laugh and cry in the same breath as they show you that in this jungle, there is never a dull moment.

When Rape Becomes Acceptable: Corrective Rape in Jamaica by Kemone S-G Brown

Author and activist Kemone S-G Brown investigates one of the most heinous act of violence affecting lesbian and bisexual women around the globe. The book follows the lives of ten women who were victims of corrective rape and illustrates how each woman or her loved ones is dealing with what happened. Some of these women had the will to survive, not in the sense that they are flourishing, but they continue to live, hiding in the shadows, hiding from society who they really are; the fear of being outed again and being subjected to another instance of “corrective rape” determining how they live their lives. However, some of them were not so “lucky”. They didn’t have the strength to deal with or come to grips with what happened to them, so instead of having to bear the burden of what happened, they decided to end the pain and the agony as it was much easier than continuing to live. Join them as each woman tells you her story and opens up her life, her scars, her pain, her suffering as she tries to cope in a society that has not only failed to protect her but has also given rise to the violation of her body.

Web by Elizabeth Parker

In our newly released book Web, Elizabeth Parker focuses on the life of a teenager Angela, who wants to be accepted by the in crowd so much that she doesn’t even realise the danger of being labelled a bully. When a stranger takes control of her online life, she finally gains the popularity she’s always craved but it’s not what she bargained for. Watch as the story unfolds and the rest of her life is threatened by one small lie. 

Project Recycle by Sharne Williams

Izzie is going through a divorce and seeing a therapist who gave her a much needed assignment to help resolve some of the issues she’s had with relationships. She takes the assignment a step too far and finds herself rekindling old meaningless flings and rebuilding friendships. Soon she realises the source of her real problem, it is the relationship she wants to work on the most but with almost six years of leaving things unsaid is it really worth trying to fix anything.

The Illusions of Life by Antonio J Erskine



A poetic interpretation of Life’s Journey that includes love, pain, death, happiness and struggles. It carries the reader through a range of emotional experiences that will leave them thinking about their own journey in life. The Illusions of Life is poetry that is not too abstract, but is filled with writing that all of us can relate to.

Mighty Mary by Max Davine




Mary was a circus elephant. The star of the West. She could dance, play the trummpet and pleased the crowds wherever she went. In 1916, after a disastrous Wild West show in Erwin Tennessee, acts against Mary the five-ton Indian elephant would go down in history as one of the most disturbing bizarre cases of animal cruelty the world has ever seen.

But, Mary had a life before the circus. Se was free once. Part of a wild herd.

During the British Raj, she was captured, trained and sent to America to become a spectacle. Along the way, she loved, se lost, she made friends and formed bonds. She suffered heartache and experienced ecstasy. She was a living being.

This is her story.

Too Normal: Child Abuse in Jamaica by Kemone S-G Brown



What so many people around the world easily recognise as child abuse, many Jamaicans continue to refer to as ‘discipline’. Too Normal focuses on the inhumane endangerment of Jamaican children by adults; both parents and guardians. Ten, real life stories recounted by adults, who all had horrifying and traumatic experiences while growing up, at the hands of those meant to watch over and protect them. Mothers, who are usually kind and nurturing, are seen in a surprisingly different light. Children, so afraid that a loved one would kill them if they stayed, unable to leave because they had no other options. Some of their stories also show the sad reality of what happens in a household with a parent feeling alone and burdened in the absence of any support.

It is the reality of a lot of children around the world, and Jamaica is no different. Take the time to delve into the horror stories, too scary to believe but defnitely not to be ignored. 

Extraordinary Secrets by Robert T.R. Bradford



Grayson Grant is a lazy private investigator who makes a living off of other people’s misfortune. When hot headed Lexi Keats storms into his office, however, claiming that her sister was murdered by the same person who murdered Grayson’s mother twenty years prior, Grayson reluctantly takes the case. Now, with the help of his childhood best friend Jack Hanna and his estranged ex-girlfriend, Jolene Wire, Grayson returns to his hometown of Abingdon, Virginia in hopes of finding, and stopping the Shoestring Killer. What he doesn’t know is that there are extraordinary secrets waiting for him in Abingdon, that he will have to uncover if he’s going to solve a mystery twenty years in the making.

Long Walk by Adebusola Dele-Davids

It was love at first sight the moment Douglas Aggrey set eyes on Ifueko Martins. Their romance quickly blossomed, but not for long. Ifueko’s flatmate Nadine Scoffle, a Jamaican immigrant, reveals she is pregnant for Douglas; a claim Douglas could not deny, as he had inexplicably gone to bed with her. His new-found love could not withstand the betrayal, and him and Ifueko are forced to go their separate ways with Ifueko fleeing to her native Nigeria. After six years bidding for a Communication business in a company where he owns controlling shares, Douglas shows up in Nigeria, and by luck or chance, stumbles on Ifueko Martins. This time, he is desperate not to let her slip away. Will they be able to forego their past and forge ahead to secure the future they want with each other?

Summer of Him by Kristal Mckerrington

Trace was the man of Kate’s dreams. She was the woman he never expected to meet. There are just a few small obstacles; the biggest one being themselves. They are from two completely different worlds.

Trace is a cowboy who breaks hearts. Kate is an author who dreams of finding a man who understands her and can be supportive of her writing and modelling career which she’s worked so hard to build. Will finding themselves in the same place be the chance they need to give love a chance? Is it possible for Kate to forgive Trace? Can he consider the possibility of a happily ever after? Can he fight for her?

Streams of Passion Poetry by SOJI

Streams of Passion is a story of society through the eyes of the heart of the Poet. It mirrors the joy of love, the pain of grief and loss, disappointments, the excitement of hope and the honor of reality.

Having been through many phases and stages in life, the author reflects different experiences through this body of work. Streams of Passion is the first of many expressions about SOJI’s journey and perspectives. Every poem in the book flows directly from the depths of the soul of the Poet, hence the title. The book is his attempt to reach the world: to touch humanity across boundaries. 

The Truth of Emotions by Antonio J. Erskine

The Truth of Emotions captures a journey filled with various experiences that gives rise to a euphoria of emotions. From hatred to love, pain to joy, captivity to freedom, the reader is taken on a journey never to be forgotten. Known for his ease of language, the author once again stays away from being too abstract so as to capture the raw emotions that we all experience in life. Filled with pieces such as “I Hate you Death”, “Emotions of a Man”, and “Freedom”, you will be captured by this book. 

Are you ready?

Every emotion that you have experienced in life is captured in this book, even those that you may have been afraid to express. Each piece is written so that when read, you will be able to place yourself in the poem and take the emotional journey of a lifetime. The author places so much of himself in this book; pieces such as “Grandma” and “I Hate you Death” captures his own emotional experiences. You may not enjoy all emotions that are brought to life in this book, but at the end of it all, they will be the truth of your emotions; embrace them and be better for having experienced them. 


Of Women, Edges and Parks: A Short Story Collection by Cisi Eze

“Of Women, Edges and Parks” is a collection of fifteen short stories about queer women in Africa. Each story brings to light different issues queer women in Nigeria and other African countries face: from being pressured into unhappy marriages, to living with the fear of suffering abuse and violence. It explores themes such as death, feminism, spirituality, sexuality, and loss.

This short story collection is relatable and daring, as it puts words to feelings most women are scared to speak. It was written with the hopes of sparking a sexual and economic revolution among women in Nigeria and Africa at large, for the liberation of queer women and to promote gender equality. 


Windmills and Wishes by E.L. Bisson

This collection of poems reflects E.L. Bisson’s love for her children, the joys and struggles of single parenthood, personal observations of the world around us and those who inhabit it, and her absolute fascination of all things feline. The collection takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions; finding humour in the trials of life and then pulling at your heartstrings with the more serious issues of the world around us.

Captured (Orion Protection Series) Book 1 by Skylar Kingsley

Captured is the story of Logan, a former Marine, who is given a job by his close friend John (and former brother in arms) as a high-end bodyguard with Orion Protection Service (OPS). When John’s secret attempt to rescue a group of girls abducted by a Mexican cartel is uncovered, he sends Logan to keep the cartel from abducting his sister Cadie in retaliation. Logan’s normally stoic disposition is rattled by his intense feelings for Cadie as he struggles to keep her safe and not break the trust of her brother. Cadie has always distanced herself from her brother’s business, but when Logan takes her to the Tavern, a place where the men of OPS are treated like military royalty, she finds acceptance amongst her new family. Now she’s torn between going back to her old life and being with Logan, a man unlike any man she’s ever known, all while being hunted by a gang her brother has enraged. Cadie finds herself between action-packed and romantic scenes that get the heart racing throughout the story.