Editing Services

We have a dedicated team of editors who are able to proofread and edit any type of work in English to the highest standards. Our editors have over ten years’ experience among them and have been improving work for many over the years. They don’t just look for spelling and grammatical errors, they can also help with sentence structure, flow and readability.

No matter how good your story line is, no one likes spelling and grammar mistakes.

We understand; sometimes being so close to the work you jump over mistakes easily. We won’t.

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Author Website Management Services

If you are a new or an existing author, we have a dedicated team of website designers who are able to create professional websites for you. Having a website helps with marketing and allows you to connect with your readers. You get the option of a two-page site, consisting of a home and blog page or multiple pages. On these pages, you can get any information added as you deem necessary.

We have great prices and all you need to do is send in your information and that’s it. We take over from there!!!

Reach out to us to have your website developed and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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