The simplicity of his words,
the flow of his thoughts,
the abstract nature of his work,
but the in-depth reflection it brought.
What flows on the page are words of passion,
words of life,
The intensity brings,
The joy, the pain, the strife….

Let me stop there just one darn minute. I will not pretend that I am a poet nor will I try to match my skills to that of Antonio Erksine. I will admit that how he writes is an inspiration to how all writers should be. These were the words that readily flowed as I sat to write this blog post, coming from a place of genuineness and being an absolute fan of his work.

Imagine being a room filled with emotions all scattered about. There is joy running around gleefully, and sadness sitting with a depressing look and a dark cloud drizzling rain on his forehead. Then there is fear, cowering behind the only desk in the room, seemingly unaware that he is visible as no normal desk vibrates naturally. Come on fear, there is no way we couldn’t see you! There are so many others which I have no time to describe but I am sure that persistence, ambition, and passion are three that are boldly walking about as they encompass the three qualities Antonio has. Now, there are all about the place, causing chaos, being where they should not be, and meddling in areas of his life that you wouldn’t want them to (even determination can cause you to have the tenacity for the wrong thing and the fear of failure can be a driving force to success).

Then Antonio walks in with some magical pen. He writes in the air, sparks of electricity jolting the emotions in a rhythmic balance, forming expressions that encompass the joys, pains, and all emotions of life. He aligns these chaotic emotions like the maestro of an orchestra, creating masterpieces that sings to the soul. This is exactly how writing should be. As he ends his musical piece with thunderous echoes, he says to young proteges, “I have come to realize though, that I need writing more than it needs me. For me, it is an escape and an outlet to share my experiences and thoughts.”

There is now the calm of words on a page that only vibrates in the heart of the reader.


So, if you are an upcoming writer, let Antonio be an inspiration and let your words be your passion and your passion be your words. Maybe buy a Mustang or Camaro too as he wishes to do so sometime in the near future. Just kidding!


Interested in reading and being inspired by a native of Salt Spring, Jamaica? Check out his books of poems. The Illusions of Life and The Truth of Emotions are absolute must-reads.

You may visit his website at

I am off to practice my football skills. Antonio plays football twice on Sundays and watches the game a lot. I may not be able to write like Erksine, but let’s see if he can match me on the field.



Sheryl : )



Update: still can’t play football to even save my life!