Boredom! That was all that was screamed by my daughter and millions on social media when many countries implemented the dreadful lockdown due to the name I wish not to call. I will be a foolhardy person today who doesn’t want to acknowledge the presence of Aunt Rona just as those who believe that if they avoided the conversation of racism and white privilege, then it didn’t exist. Sometimes boredom makes us reflect on the follies of our societies.

So, back to this so-called boredom. They were bored because they couldn’t get to go outside and enjoy the freedom that they took for granted. Guess who wasn’t bored? Of course, me! Other than the continuous backlog of work that I never seem to be able to get ahead of, I had a few things that this stay at home order gave me time to do: read! Yup. Just as you are reading this post, there is some reading that I would like to catch up on, other than those shampoo and conditioner bottles I acquired last week. I figured it was time to try to enlighten and uplift my whole being and find out about the crap I was putting in my hair. Cocamidopropyl: what the hell is that?!

“Reading maketh a man!” Who said that again? Oh, Sir Francis Baker. It doesn’t matter if you know him or not nor if you think he is chauvinistic because you are caught up in your feelings about women reading too, he makes a mighty good point. I will tell you this: if I wasn’t a reader, I am sure I would not be able to write these blog posts. I have no formal training as a writer but I take inspiration from the works of those who have gone before me, putting thoughts on paper, arranged in such a way that brings me to places I have never been before. There are many ardent readers like myself out there, so shout out to you!

I know one reader who wanted to be an actor but got his true calling as a writer. He is no other than Max Davine. If you haven’t heard of him before, shame on you!  Alright, no shame. But come on! He is the author of Mighty Mary – GOLD WINNER – Global Ebook Awards, and the book also received an honourable mention at the New York Book Festival. So, instead of quoting some dead dude about how to be a better writer, let me tell you what Max had to say:

 “Do not come to me and say you want to be a writer and not have read anything. It’s only writers and actors that do it – they want to work in these fields, but they don’t know who came before them. Someone who paints can tell a Van Gough from a Monet. Someone who plays guitar knows a B.B. King lick from a George Thorogood. Read a lot.”

He also tells us to write whatever, whenever.

Max notes that his best quality is being courageous. He has the courage to put his work out there and face the criticisms, owning up to whatever he produced. Let me also tell you a secret: Max is also a volunteer firefighter, so he has to be courageous when facing the blazing heat from the walls of bushfire. You go, Max! Another secret: he has another book coming with Tamarind Hill Press soon. Shhhh!

Want to know more about this native of Victoria Australia? Visit his website at

So, instead of singing about being bored in the house, purchase a copy of any of his many books on Amazon, Good Reads, etc. For potential writers, check out his blog posts; they can help you in improving your writing. I would take writing advice from someone who has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. Wouldn’t you?

Well, I am off to Google what the heck is sodium laureth sulfate. What are you doing during this pandemic?



Sheryl : )