Dear Diary,

Today, I have a major issue and I am not sure how to deal with it. We already know I have a passion for books and my credit card purchases based on my desire to read may be the undoing of my finances. Every day I encounter a new book that draws me in, whispering sweet nothings in my ears, and I relent. Then I will take out the piece of plastic that helps to give me peace of mind and buy a book. Even though my bank account moans, my heart, mind, and soul lounge in bliss, the same way I do when the words on the pages echo in my brain…I’m in heaven.

Today is no better. When you read a description that begins like this, what can a girl like me do?

“It was love at first sight the moment Douglas Aggrey set eyes on Ifueko Martins. Their romance quickly blossomed, but not for long. Ifueko’s flatmate Nadine Scoffle, a Jamaican immigrant, reveals she is pregnant for Douglas; a claim Douglas could not deny, as he had inexplicably gone to bed with her. His new-found love could not withstand the betrayal, and he and Ifueko are forced to go their separate ways with Ifueko fleeing to her native Nigeria…”

 This web address ( has been the undoing of my willpower today.

I have to put a picture of the book here, to see and remember my tormentor on this day. I also need to see the face of the author, the one who wrote Long Walk, the same book that makes my heart flutter as I add it to my shopping cart. Adebusola Dele-Davids is the same good-natured, broad-minded, and inquisitive woman who penned the story which I ache to read. Well, her love for writing has truly shone through. I wonder if I will see a reflection of her hobbies of acting and working with children in the book as well. Maybe it will be one of those books that will be made in a movie. You’ll never know. She will be killing two birds with one stone, achieving two things on her bucket list: shooting a film with Tyler Perry and then with all that earnings, take a long cruise.

Diary, this native of Lagos, Nigeria also has me making plans to save towards a new book coming in December (The Hook). Now, if I’ve not even read this book and I’m on edge already, I am so eager to see what else she has in store. I am so happy she got the inspiration to write from her sister and also inspires upcoming writers by saying: “Believe in yourself.  Keep at it and never give up.” I am going to be checking out her social media pages to see what more I can learn about Adebusola. Might as well I do that while I wait on my book to be shipped to me.

Facebook: Adebusola Dele-Davids

IG: bussyade1

Twitter: busseeola



Sheryl : )

Update – It was worth it!