Love is in the air!


I am sure that you are beginning to see images that signify that Valentine’s day is right around the corner. The color red has already been the theme in some stores. So, whether you like it or not, the day is coming, and lovers will be swooning all over each other, expressing desires of lifetime commitment and doing all the “mushy” stuff that culture propels them to. Love is good, we all must admit, and love comes in different shapes, forms and sizes.

There are no limits or bounds to love. There are so many things that we develop that deep bond and affection for. Some of us love our pets. I am not one to have a dog sleeping on my bed or eating from my plates, but I appreciate those who have such love for animals and the lengths that they go to care for them. Some of us are in love with our cars (hint, hint…men…please forgive my biased perspective), to the point where it has to be pristine at all times, spending all that extra cash to make it one of a kind.

Then there are some of us who love books (That finger is pointing at me, is it pointing at you?)

Books have always been one of the loves of my life. When other girls were playing with dolls, I would be found under the bed reading a book (even before I could actually read). My parents dreaded passing the bookstore and would steer me away because they knew that I would not only want to purchase a book or two, but I would spend hours reading blurbs and just basking in the smell that the pages would provide. In this digital age when books are easily accessible without leaving the home and even much cheaper, guess whose credit card has been charged for book purchases?

Believe it or not, books have even loved me in return. Now, don’t laugh. The dates I have gone on with these books – journeying to mystical places and having the grandest adventures, right on the pages – you would never believe! The greatest love I have received from books is the love for writing. I have always wished to give the same joy that books have given to me to others.

In my opinion, I believe that this is the same feeling that the authors of THP have. They are so enamored with reading and writing to the point where they will be offering two free eBooks to readers. Thanks to Max Divine for New York in the Moonlight and Alie Day, I am sure the readers will enjoy Sweet Little Lies? Want your own copy? You may download them on the Free Books page of this website or on the authors’ personal websites.

But wait! There’s more. If you want to read more about the love between married couples and the art of forgiveness, don’t forget to get your copy of The Power of True Forgiveness – We Took an Oath written by our very own Suzette Walker. We will be giving away two free copies and an Amazon gift card. So, head over to our Twitter page (Competition starts on the 7th with the grand draw on the 14th).

For those of you who have been bitten by the love bug of writing, we will be posting free eBooks that will help you to navigate the world of publishing. Look out for these each month.

Even if cupid’s arrow has barely missed you and you don’t believe that writing is your forte, why not tell us of your favorite titles? Go to our Instagram page and use the letter of the day to give us the title of a book you have enjoyed. Every week you stand the chance to win a book and one lucky winner will win £20 at the end of the month. Our Twitter fans will not be left out as the second Twitter giveaway is already on its way. So, remember to check out our social media pages!

Have that same love for reading as I do? We need ARC reviewers. You can sign up on our website and do something that you love.

Enough of my love affair with the encapsulating words, so delicately grouped to form expressions that arouse so much desire into my mind, body, and soul. Why not show us how much you are in love with the art of writing. This month’s “call for submission” is for non-fiction and erotica. So, take out your pens, open that new document file and start writing. We are waiting to help you edit and publish that lovely work of art.


Love is in the air and THP publishes books from everywhere!

Written by: Sheryl Williams

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