One day I was lying in bed, flipping through some channels and I saw a fashion show in progress. The models were strutting their stuff, walking in ways I know many of us wouldn’t walk. However, the goal (though I am still not convinced) was not to showcase their beauty or personal flair for their own admiration but to bring attention to the clothes that they were wearing as created by fashion designers.  So, the twirls, the sashaying of the hips, the smiles and the deliberate steps were not to say, “Here I am world,” but was done instead to say, “Look at what I am wearing.” Some of us highlight ourselves first and the clothes we wear will be complimentary, but the opposite is said for modeling.

As I am writing this, I comically envision books walking down a catwalk. Their binds neat, the pages flapping with each step and their covers pristine. Each book will strut itself, sometimes slightly opening pages so that the audience can get a glimpse of what is inside – words intriguingly, delicately and deliberately organized, forming sentences and paragraphs for readers to delve in.  The audience will be busily making notes, craning their necks to see more, and making decisions for their purchase. The goal of any fashion show is to display the new creations by the designers, which will most likely set a new trend.  This fashion show will display the authors and their creativity, their skills and their souls through the words they grace us with.

At the end of the fashion show, the creations along with their creators will return to the stage to a round of applause. This part is so important because no matter how beautiful the creations and the efforts of the models to display the clothing, the brand name attached to the creators makes a great difference. So, though working behind the scenes, the creators of these designs – their brand, their creative genius – are also on display.

Today, I want you to imagine a THP catwalk, where two books are being introduced to the world, strutting their stuff. Their creators are now walking beside the literary masterpieces they have created, being as important to the audience as much as the books they have produced. With that now in mind – ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you two new authors publishing books with Tamarind Hill Press end of January, early February 2020 (a round of applause please…lol):


Daniele Kasper

Daniele, a native of New England (USA) loves astronomy and writing science fiction. Other than writing, her other hobby is horseback riding and having a barn alongside her husband who is a horse trainer. But not surprising, Daniele enjoys reading as well. It was her love for reading and motivation from teachers that made her become such an accomplished author. Maybe it is her intense reading that causes her to quote Albus Dumbledore (from the Harry Potter series) when identifying mantras for life.

Maybe the next time you look for Daniele, you will have to visit her in New Zealand, as this is one place she desires to cross off her bucket list and she is most drawn to it because of its “incredible landscapes and people.”

The work that she has created to strut on the cat-walk today is “Cut Her Out In Little Stars.” It will be out on January 30th with books available for preorder from January 23rd. She describes her masterpiece as a story where:

“Two worlds collide across galaxies in this thrilling interstellar adventure. Cara faces an unknown future on Earth as her old life fades into a distant memory. Caine battles his own inner demons and the ghosts of his past while trying to prevent a war from tearing apart the star system he calls home. Two lives are linked across space and time.” 

For further information about Daniele and her works, you may contact her via:

Danielekasperauthor on Instagram

Daniele Kasper on Facebook

Danielekasperauthor on Twitter


Suzette Grant-Walker

Suzette hails from a small district in Clarendon, Jamaica. What she loves about her community is a fenced garden created in the center, where beautiful flowers have been planted. Suzette loves to sing and her mantra is, “The fact that you’re still here means that whatever came at you was not meant to kill you, but it came to make you stronger.” It is this strength and push for survival assures us that she will be able to visit her dream destination, Paris, very soon. Though she claims to be an introvert, she is still able to advise up and coming authors and tell them to “just start writing.”

Here, she walks beside her newest picturesque creation she’s entitled: The Power of True Forgiveness – We Took an Oath. She describes her  new publication as a guide to “learning to love and trust again after trust has been shattered.” It will be out on February 7th.

Want to know more about her? Visit her website, email her at, follow her on Instagram @suzy_walker23 or beautiescreation_ and on Facebook at Suzy Walker.


Thank you, Daniele and Suzette, for producing such masterpieces. We also thank you for choosing Tamarind Hill Press to work along with you to create superb books for readers to enjoy. We hope to have another staging next month. So, continue to write those books; you may be displayed at our next THP “fashion show.”

I am not too sure about you but when I wrote the introduction of the authors, I read it in the voice of an announcer at a beauty pageant. I also imagined theatrical music being played in the background. Maybe this is an inspiration for me to also envision a beauty pageant from THP. Can you guess who will be displaying their beauty? Here I go again with my wild imagination! Is seeing a book being crowned on stage strange? Let me know your thoughts. Before I go off on a tangent, let me leave you with this wish – happy writing and happy reading!


Written by:

Sheryl Williams-Davis