TikTok is the craze right now! Alright, let me be honest, I don’t have a TikTok account, but my 11-year-old daughter finds pleasure in showing me the videos. At my age, I obviously don’t fully understand the humour in things like millennials do, and my daughter has on more than one occasion referred to me as a “Baby Boomer.” Can someone please tell my child I am not that old!

Anyways, there has been one trend that I like. It’s called, “Put a finger down.” Alright, let’s play!

  1. Put a finger down if you were born in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Put a finger down if one of the most memorable moments of your childhood was when you sang in your school’s talent show in second grade. Oh, and tied for second place even though you were shy and had stage fright. (Yes, I am being specific here).
  3. Put a finger down if you wrote an amazing trilogy about a young orphan named Kanna.

Let me pause a bit here. I bet most of you still have all your fingers up. That’s okay. Let’s see if you are able to put any of your fingers down through the next set.

  1. Put a finger down if you have fictional scenes running through your head and you think of them so much that you have to write them down on paper to get them just right.
  2. Alright here’s an easy one: put a finger down if you love music.
  3. Another: put a finger down if you have too many embarrassing moments to even classify one as the worst.

I put a finger down for number 6. I have had many embarrassing stories. Even a moment that happened today and still has me blushing.

  1. Put a finger down if the three top items on your bucket list is to go to Japan, have a black cat, and become a successful author.
  2. Put a finger down if you have written 11 manuscripts since middle school but you have only given up on one and it irks you that you did, even today. (I’m sure you’ll finish it one day. Time will tell.)
  3. Put a finger down if you hate when romance is rushed between two characters and dialogue isn’t formatted well so you can’t know who’s saying what. (Whew! Let me catch my breath.)
  4. Finally, put a finger down if the most important tip you’d like to give new writers is “to never stop writing that first draft. It’s called a first draft for a reason. It’s not supposed to be perfect. It’s supposed to be full of mistakes and parts that feel awkward, things that can be changed and made better as you edit. That’s also how we learn more about our writing and improve.”


Alright. Be honest with me now. How many fingers do you still have up? I am sure that only one person on this planet has all her fingers down at this moment: that’s Kaitlyn Legaspi. Who’s she? Kaitlyn encompasses all those statements above and more.

To learn more about this fabulous author, please see her contact details below:

Email: kaitlynblegaspi@gmail.com

Social media: Instagram @kaitlyn_b_legaspi


Finally, put all your fingers down if you wish to read Kaitlyn’s trilogy!



Sheryl  : )