Super Authors to the Rescue

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super authors; here to give you books galore that transforms your mind and life!

If you had a superpower, what would you wish to have? Some may say super strength, to run fast, to be able to jump at great heights. Or like me, you may want to be able to make real money at the flick of the wrist. Trust me, you would like that so much. Never would you have to work jobs with low wages, being exploited. Never would you have to worry about trying to be comfortable or rich, but you will be able to help those who are poor and needy – you could help to solve a lot of the world’s problems. You see, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Sorry, this blog is probably a result of watching too many movies or reading too many books and comics. Or, it could have been as a result of reading Jamie Gray’s book – Clarissa Lovett: Lexi. This is an urban fantasy novel about a girl with the ability to control the elements. A beautiful story with an intriguing concept and relatable characters that even makes me teary-eyed. It is also one she considers to be the best accomplishment of her life.

I’d wish to have the power to read so many books that my head is filled with all those wonderful stories. Well, if you didn’t know that I had a passion for reading, then you have not been reading these blogs. Then I would want the power to really meet Jamie, get to talk to the writing genius from Ontario, Canada. The same one who made me laugh when she wrote:

When I was in grade 10, we had a day at school where they kept running the fire alarm as a result of getting it fixed. One time, I forgot that we were supposed to just ignore it, and when it went off, I burst from my chair yelling, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” Then I realized that no one else was moving and just staring at me like I was a complete nut job, and I sat back down all red-faced. 

She was also the author who received a quarter from her parents when she was a child and believed that she had a million dollars. I would spread her advice to new writers: “…don’t wait because it will never be the right time. Your book will never be perfect. You just have to accept that you need to take steps forward in order to learn and improve.” I also wished I had the superpower to instil in many her passion to tell stories. Letting them think as she believed that “…there are a million stories to tell and a million ways to tell it.”

I also want the superpower to get people to learn the ins and outs of writing, creating stories that were perfect for publishing – grammar and spelling on par, a plot so captivating, and a flow to the story that draws the reader into a new world each time. Just one more – let all people in the world put back on the caps on their pens and not let them dry out. Jamie, that power is for you too because I know that’s your pet peeve.

Well, this is all wishful thinking, I could never have so many powers all at once, or can I? What will your superhero power be? Share them in the comments section below.

Want to know more about this super author, check out her:






In the next blog post, we’ll discuss some superpowers of a super author. Super Sheryl, signing off!

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