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“She steps into the room, not feeling any nervousness but an abundance of anxiousness. Her excitement couldn’t be contained as her eyes darted everywhere, taking in the feast of variations around. If she could take it all in, absorb its wonders, she would do so in a heartbeat. Taking in a deep breath so audible that she even frightens herself, she bids her body not to follow suit – in being as overly stimulated as her mind was.

Her mind flashes back to the garden her mother worked so arduously, over a span of a few years, to create. The flowers of varied species, colours, textures and scents would awaken the plant lover in her, despite not having any in her own home. Each plant bloomed in its own time, echoing its own personality. The differences were not shunned but appreciated.  For in differences, there was raw beauty.”

No, this excerpt above isn’t from a book published or to be published.  It is actually my description of how I feel when I go into a library, a bookstore, look at my bookshelf or even search through Amazon for some absolutely fantastic titles. How about reading it a second time to truly get how I feel. Sometimes reading something more than once brings forth variation in interpretation. I’ll get back to that point in a bit.

Have you ever noticed that a library encompasses all the differences in the world? The best way to see how one earth encompasses so many languages, cultures, people, landscapes, belief systems, etc. is by going to a library. Very cost-effective, isn’t it?  Not to say that travelling the world and seeing it all first-hand isn’t important but having few resources shouldn’t be an excuse to not experience all the diversity this world has to offer.

So, you step into the library and there are many different categories of books. I do not have the know-how to be able to give a detailed description of how books are organized in the library, but you could probably read about the Dewey Decimal Classification System which is used by most libraries worldwide. However, the varied genres by different authors, with different backgrounds and a cornucopia of information to disseminate, are available for all to access.


Did you know that Tamarind Press has a special library? It certainly does. The “shelves” of this library has quite a number of special books that have been published by THP itself. For the select few that have been placed on the shelf, “Congratulations!” These must have been excellent reads as they would not have been placed there as THP believes in quality. Do you think you have that type of book to be placed there too? Yes, you do! Reach out to us to get your publishing ball a rollin’. We are still looking for your submission of non-fiction and erotica manuscripts to be placed on these special shelves.

Walking through the hallways and passing by a few books I have read, I glance up as something has caught my eyes. This was the shelf for new releases. I took off the shelf, Kristen Morgen’s Behind the Glass. I am almost sure I have seen this book before. What is it doing on the New Release shelf?  Then it dawned on me, “This must be a second edition!” Remember earlier when I told you about reading something for the second time? Well, you know what that means – this book will be twice as nice as before, with some THP flair.

I don’t know about you, but I love to read about the authors. It just gives me a better connection to the book. When I read about Kristen, I immediately knew that this was a book I wanted to have in my own collection:

Kristen who hails from Madison, Wisconsin, used her hometown as the setting for Behind the Glass and many other titles she has authored. It’s no surprise that one of her hobbies is to read, for one of her mantras is:“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

The top three items on her bucket list are: to become a best-selling author, travel to parts of Europe and Australia and watch her daughters become successful and happy adults.

Now, who wouldn’t want to read this book when its description begins: “As a focused but struggling photographer with a passion for art, Rebecca Jordan lives a simple, disciplined, and uncomplicated life; at least on the surface. Then she meets the handsome stranger/secret admirer, Michael Vale. Her outwardly happy world is turned upside down in this life-changing encounter.”

Kristen was so excited about the release because of her fans. She notes that they motivate her through their feedback on how her writing has impacted their lives.

The “K” in her initial must stand for “kind” as she was kind enough to give us a second edition of her fabulous book.


Before I could even put down the book, I saw another. Now, my excitement was beginning to get out of control. Calm down Sheryl! The cover of the book captivated me. Hmmmm… Kisuhus Kamkamoss, and who is this Robert Ellis. I then did my usual research:

Robert Ellis, also known as Rob, is definitely a “doer.” Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, his list of hobbies is quite extensive.  Other than writing, Rob cycles, does yoga, and does a bit of painting and photography. Now, he only watches rugby (but I bet he used to play it!). He loves motorcycling and he definitely is an active person because on his bucket list, he wishes to do a motorcycle tour or maybe just cycle on all the Grand Tour major climbs. He also wishes to do a parachute jump (Go Rob!). Maybe the “R” from his first name stand for “restless” for he is seemingly always on the go. Who wouldn’t want to read a book when the author describes it as “a tale of adventure, mystery, and cultural awakening?”

Thanks, Laurie Lee and Dylan Thomas who inspired Rob to write.  Without you, we probably wouldn’t have such a good book to read.


I started to walk away. Thinking that this was too much and I would be in trouble if I scraped a heap of books in my hands and run out. The impulse began to feel like a bad itch to be scratched. Wanting to be in control, I turned on my heels to flee. Thump! A book fell from the shelf. I was not too sure if it became dislodged because of my rummaging through the books earlier or it was the cosmos speaking to me. It didn’t matter; I went and took it up. It was by Yushima Cherry. How ironic that I took up the book she authored, entitled Picking up the Pieces to 100 Broken Promises. This got me intrigued and I found out that:

Her hobbies used to be performing slam poetry, travel and have game nights with friends. But she states that since she moved to Alabama, she has not been able to find her new niche. Her top three items on her bucket list seems familiar to some other people I know (hint…hint). These include:

  • Writing a bestselling story that reaches the hearts of those it should reach.
  • Getting healthier: spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • Focusing on things that she can change, and nothing more. 

This book is about her life. She expresses: “I am still figuring it all out, while loving a homicidal son, missing an estranged daughter, forgiving an abusive mother, remembering my dad, my best friend who was taken too soon – while loving a husband who didn’t know what he was getting himself into.” 

That “Y” in her name must stand for “youthful.”  She seems to want to do everything she didn’t when she was young. Well, one thing she hasn’t stopped doing is writing, which was inspired by her father.

Now, this was getting to be too much. The urges began kicking in. However, there was no way that I could leave without these titles. I threw them in my satchel, turned on my heels and ran out. These will have to do until I came back to examine those new titles to be released.  Note to self: next time, bring a bigger bag! I can’t wait until next month to see what else I’ll find on the shelf.


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