Oh Geez. I start by stating that when trying to write this blog post, I had no clue what to say. I had no theme, no idea, no inspiration. I had on the screen beautiful responses from a great author, J. Faith Kenney. She provided so many details and inspirational responses to the interview questions I asked, and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what I should focus on. I have never been the type to write boring pieces. I want to produce things that I myself would like to read. The pressure to write something worsened because she said, “Love what you write and be a fan of your work.” But here was I…stumped, not really loving where this was going. I closed my eyes, laid in my car parked in my yard (yes, sometimes I write in odd places) and racked my brain about how I should introduce the work of an exceptional writer of science fiction, dystopia and fantasy.

Ha-ha! I got it! I love telling stories; that’s the same inspiration J. Faith Kenney uses for her writing. She also uses songs that represent the chapters she is about to write and even multifandom compilations in a certain category on YouTube. Well, she will be my muse today.

The sun shun on the house, bringing heat that not only warmed the cold room but caused Faith to stir. It was 6 am in a small town in Michigan and the air was fresh, with no hint of smog that the nearby city was enveloped in. She rose from the bed with such excitement; that was always how she was on Saturday mornings. Though this was an activity that she did every Saturday morning with her father, she always had the same level of enthusiasm. The final touch to getting ready was to pull on her swimsuit and head down to the kitchen to meet her father who would already be around the table having breakfast. His smile brought more warmth to her being, expressing the same excitement for their favourite past time. It didn’t matter if it was rain or shine, they would still go. She took up a freshly baked cookie, the key to her heart, before heading out the door.

The short drive to the indoor pool was interjected with their usual laugh and chatter. They were sure to spend hours there, which Faith enjoyed. This was her time of enjoyment and escape, where her imagination ran wild. Today, she was thinking of the plot for a book she would love to write: “Twenty-year-old Thela Brown has spent her whole life hiding in the shadows because of what she is, a Neuroner. A Neuroner is considered a threat to society and should be used as a lab rat or killed instantly. Thela’s life in the shadows gets disrupted by a mystery note claiming they knew what she was and could ultimately change her life forever if others found out.” Little did she know that years after it would be released and would be a great success.

The pool area was peaceful today. Maybe it was because of the chill in the air, she thought. So, today she was able to float on her back in complete solace, thinking of some of the things she would love to accomplish when she became older. Was it too much to ask to travel all over the continent of Africa or to see all the constellations of stars and even name one? She was sure that going on a trip to all countries in Europe was more plausible.

After a while, a small giggle escaped her lips. She thought of the time when she almost went into someone else’s car thinking it was her sister’s. After thinking of a witty line like ‘Is this ride for me?’ she instead locked eyes with a complete stranger.

These were the times when the joys, pains and embarrassing moments of the week penetrated her thoughts, providing moments for great reflection.


Wow! Just imagining what life was like when J. Faith Kenney was young brought about a story that I could probably turn into a book. What do you think? Do you think I have a good start? Well, for now, I will leave the story writing to her. She has an upcoming book:  Neuroner: It’s Not a Blessing but a Curse; check out the preview on Amazon.

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Website: j.faithkenney.com

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How often do you have writer’s block and how do you overcome it?



Sheryl : )